Monday, August 17, 2009

Radish Lad

In New Zealand we used to get an organic vege box delivered each week – seasonal, great quality veges. During winter it got pretty dull though – beetroot beetroot turnip beetroot.

Since coming back to Tokyo, we’ve started getting a weekly vege box from Radish Lad (Radish Boya in Japanese), a company that’s being going for over 20 years that delivers organic or low pesticide fruit and vegetables. It’s brilliant. There is a huge range of ‘boxes’ (they call it a palette) available, they sell free-range eggs, and have a massive catalog of low environmental impact products.

Each week there’s a catalog, including seasonal specials, and once a month Salad magazine arrives with your vege palette. Salad introduces the suppliers, and includes a series of recipes. Since we’ve been getting the palette delivered, I’ve made a bunch of the recipes, particularly from food writer and blogger Oola, and they’re all brilliant. Simple and delicious.

Can’t recommend it more highly!

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